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After eight years in service, I was diagnosed with PTSD. For the past two years, I have been battling this illness and working towards better mental wellbeing. I hope through VALOUR to raise awareness about on-duty trauma and to encourage other First Responders and Veterans to access help. 


I served almost 18 years with the Canadian Armed Forces as a Military Medic and was also a Civilian paramedic. I released medically due to a Major Spinal Injury and PTSD. 

When I was approached to be a Brand Ambassador for VALOUR, I knew right away that I would love to support VALOUR as I believe in their mission to shed light and bring awareness to the perils and struggles of what First Responders and Veterans experience from the course of their duties. It is my Honour to support VALOUR. 


When I was approached by team VALOUR and asked to become a brand ambassador, my answer required no thought. As a first responder living with PTSD, I am honored to help end the stigma, spread awareness, and crush the silence.

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